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Welding Projects!

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Butterfly Garden Stake

approx. 50″

Funny Bird Garden Stake

approx. 50″

Petals 1-5 Garden Stakes

approx. 50″

Fish Wall Art #1

approx. 33″x25″





Dog #1 Garden Art

approx. 22″x14″x7″

 Wine Holder #1

approx. 46″x34″x7″

 Sun Wall Art #1

approx. 29″

 Abstract Wall Art #1

approx. 56″ x 18″

$10 $10 $10 $10

approx. 44″x46″x14″


approx. 31″x30″

Abstract sculpture

approx. 50″ tall

Welcome sign

approx. 51″ tall

 BetterHalf  AbstractSculpture#1  WelcomeSign#1
$10   $10  coming soon!  coming soon!
Large flower

approx. 78″ tall


approx. 72″ tall

 LargeFlower#1  Trellis#1
 coming soon!
 coming soon!

  We’re loading new Welding Projects just as fast as the little shop elves can make ‘em!

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